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A Bookmark that Remembers the Page - Quotes Top 10 Updated

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  • 6. Like a diamond, your kind is indeed rare and hard to come by, and I want you to know that I’m loving you till the end of the age.
  • 7. I’m loving you forever as you happen to be my everyday inspiration, happiness and joy. I love you beyond words.
  • 8. You’ve changed my whole life from good to better and made it more beautiful than ever before. I love you dearly.
  • 9. Being in love with you make my every day filled with bliss and love. You know I love you right? Well, I do.
  • 10. To keep loving you, there’s nothing too hard to do, I could walk a thousand miles just to tell you how much I love you.
  • 11. You’re always in my heart right where you belong, and I’m loving you so much more than words can describe. I love you beyond the stars.
  • 12. You’re my one of a kind and I’m loving everything about you, my love. I love you to the moon and back.
  • 13. You’re special just the way you are, and I promise to always love you just the way you are. I love you tenderly.
  • 14. What I want to do today, tomorrow, and forever is to keep loving you, handsome. I love you forever.
  • 15. You’re a gift from God to me, and I will never stop cherishing and loving you every day. I love you beyond words.
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  • 16. No two person can take your place in my heart, my life, and my world. You see, you’re my everything and I love you forever.
  • 17. I loved you then, I love you now, and as time goes on, I will always and forever cherish and love you.
  • 18. Your charming smile is one of the reasons why I cherish you and I will never stop loving you even if there’s no reason to. I love you so much.
  • 19. Sweet as a honey is what you are to me, and your love for me is as special as you are, my love. I love you dearly.
  • 20. I didn’t choose you, but God me you and I vow to always and forever love you so much more than ever before.
  • 21. You taught me how to love again when I have no reason to. You know I love you right? Well, I do.
  • 22. Stay with me forever, and I will love you forever and till the day after forever. I love you beyond the stars.
  • 23. I feel so much better and beautiful when I’m with you and I want to love you with every breath in me. I love you dearly.
  • 24. You make me gleams with the way you cherish and love me and I want to love you nonstop.
  • 25. Your love keeps me warm during the cold wet night like a fire on a rainy day. I love you forever.
  • 26. We do break up to make up, but can never grow or go apart, because we’re meant for each other and I’m loving you for the rest of my life.
  • 27. You’re the reason why I live and breathe because your love is like the air and I don’t want to go a day without you in my life.

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