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The Best Feeling in the World - Quotes Top 10 Updated


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  •  Roses are red, violets are blue,
  • You’ll never lose me, for I am (insert his name here) glue!
  •  I love you for the man you were,
  • I love you for who you are today,
  • And because I love you for who you are,
  • I’ll love the man you’ll become some day.
  •  Days will pass and time goes by,
  • The years roll on, the ages will fly.
  • Life will speed past, and the decades will flow,
  • The hours will rush on, the minutes will never slow.
  • The world will change and we will grow old,
  • Yet through it all our love will remain gold.
  •  I longed, I searched, I looked, I yearned,
  • I hunted, I craved, I wished, I burned.
  • Then you came along and everything was new,
  • And now I long, search, look, yearn, hunt, crave, wish and burn only for you.
  •  Never have I found a man like you,
  • Someone who looks at me the way that you do.
  • You’re not like the others, you are one of a kind,
  • Our hearts and our souls are perfectly aligned.
  • And no matter who comes trying to take your place,
  • Never you fear, for only you will I embrace.
  •  My dear love, you are my man,
  • Whatever you need, I’ll do what I can.
  • I know that everything that you do,
  • Is for the betterment of me and you.
  • And we are a team, just you and I,
  • So, tell me your needs and I will try.
  •  To the universe you may be one person,
  • But to one person you are the universe.
  • You are my life, my everything, my world,
  • I’ll love you for better or worse.
  •  Do you know how much I love you?
  • Do you know how deeply I care?
  • Do you know how strongly I crave you?
  • I need you more than air!

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