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Sometime a Hug is Worth More then - Quotes Top 10 Updated

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  •  You are my everything, you are my hero, you are my knight in shining armor.
  •  If you never stop asking me to marry you, I will never stop saying “yes”.
  •  I am so proud of you, I am so in love with you, I am so grateful to have you in my life.
  •  All day long I am thinking of you. Upon waking you are the first thought in my mind. When I drift off to sleep you are the last thought I have. And in between I am always thinking of you.
  •  You are the most handsome and stunning man I have ever seen, inside and out.
  •  Thank you for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  •  You are the greatest man that I could ever imagine. You go beyond my wildest dreams.
  •  There are no words that truly capture how I feel about you, so I hope you will know that when I say “I love you”, it means so much more than these words can convey.
  •  The best feeling is when I look at you and you are already staring.
  •  A real man treats a woman with respect, love and is faithful to her. I am grateful that you are my man.
  •  Whenever you are not by my side, something is missing in me. You are now a part of me, now and forever.
  •  I never knew it was possible for a soul to be as beautiful as yours.
  •  Thank you or picking me up every time I stumble, thank you for being there whenever I need you.
  •  Thank you for making life so much more meaningful and beautiful.
  •  I love it that you make me feel like we are the only two people in the world. Perhaps that is because you truly are my world.
  •  As long as you are by my side I will forever have everything I need.
  •  Thank you for taking care of me, for inspiring me, for believing in me, for encouraging me and, above all, for loving me.
  •  I am going to need an oxygen tank if you keep taking my breath away!
  •  Never did I imagine that someone as amazing as you would love me. I still have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming.
  •  I want to show you what love really is, to make your heart beat in a way it never has before and to make you feel things you’ve never felt before.
  •  Thank you for going on this journey through life with me. There is nobody else I would rather have by my side.
  •  It is because of you that being awake is better than my dreams.
  •  Never has there been such a beautiful girl. You are my life, my universe and my heart.
  •  You are the type of girl that I want to make breakfast for.
  •  You are my princess and I will worship you forever.
  •  I will never stop asking you to marry me, so that you always know that I love you as much as the day I first asked.
  •  You are my life, my universe and the very air I breathe. Without you I have nothing.
  •  You are the great joy of my life.

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