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Relationship Does Not need Cute Voice - Quotes Top 10 Updated

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  • Not only do I love you because you are the best person I have ever known, but also because you make me a better person.
  • You are my natural, slightly irrational yet very important love. You are my true love.
  • I won’t let you be my prince until you make it clear that I am your princess.
  • I hope you know how much I love you. Keep in mind that whatever distances are there between us, I will always make myself available for you.
  • I don’t love you because you are perfect. I love you with all of your flaws and disadvantages  which make you so special.
  • If you get to say “I love you” at least once in a lifetime, consider this experience to be priceless.
  • I am not going to wait until you make me happy. I am going to do everything to make you happy because your happiness is what makes me happy.
  • With true love the sense of safety and security will always find their way into your home.
  • Do you want to know if a person really loves you? Keep in mind that this person will not tell you all these stories about love. He or she will make these stories real.
  • True love isn’t about hot kisses and hugging gently. It`s about the feeling that drives you crazy and make you want to kiss and hug.
  • One of the best qualities of love is the mutual understanding. When you feel that somebody completely understand you and you understand somebody.
  • It is true love is blind and sometimes it doesn’t want to see certain things, but marriage sees it all, it helps you to open your eyes.
  • Some spend their whole life trying to find the meaning of it, whereas they should have spent this time on the search of true love. It is much easier to find the purpose and the meaning of life together, not alone.
  • The fact that a man found the fire doesn’t matter at all. It’s a woman who can play with it.
  • Sometimes the person who loves is more annoying than the person who hates you.
  • You can create a marriage with a person you can live with, but the chances are, this marriage won’t be a happy one. You should always get married to a person who you can’t live without.
  • Being in love isn’t the same as falling in love. Always choose the first way, not the second.

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